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Unfriending FB Friend

I’ve chosen to unfriend a FB friend for the first time. Hopefully this is the last time. I had read about people doing this for reasons like their acquaintances being too liberal or conservative, or just not generally agreeing with their posts. I didn’t do it for that reason. They, my former FB friend, hit a real sensitive spot in me. I have a quirk that has me extremely disliking material that involves the mistreatment of animals and children. I can’t watch the Animal Planet network because half of the shows are about animal rescues. UGHHH. I also stay away from the real tear-jerker movies that involve good people dying very sad, dramatic deaths. Yeah, “Fault of the Stars”, I’m talking about you! Things like this are too much for me!

So what caused me to unfriend my former FB friend? They shared a very graphic picture of an abused child that had the text “pray for this child”. It was graphic, horror show stuff, but this was supposed to be real life. This made me angry. I was angry for the right reasons, at the injustice put upon the child, but I was also angry at my former FB friend for abusing their friends. Look, FB is not the place to put graphic pics of society’s ills. Why? IMO it is because of the family nature, who knows who will see it???, and because of the permanence of FB. What if the abuser is brought to justice and the child heals, and I have the displeasure of seeing the horrific picture every time I view my former FB friend’s page? So, I unfriended them.

Is my friend too insensitive or am I too sensitive? It doesn’t matter now because I made a personal choice. The event crossed a line for me. I appreciate there are horrors about, but I am not on FB to see graphic visuals of the world. There are other parts of the internet for that, and I choose not to go there, just like I choose to not watch Animal Planet network. This was an interesting lesson for me, one in which I learned that the open sharing nature of FB was too much for me this time around.
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