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Quiz Quiz, Who has the Quiz?

Some more quizes I did...

What School Of Magic Are You?

you are transmutation, the art of turning things into other things! you are odd, but your strangeness and unique sense of individuality is an asset, not a problem. Next time someone calls you weird, just turn their cat into a giraffopus!
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What type of hero would you be?

Dark Hero
You are a dark hero. Your name is whispered instead of shouted, and for a good reason! You are hard on yourself and likely have a dark past, or perhaps you seek forgiveness for an ancient wrong you seek to set right. In any case, your tales are are filled with vengeance, loss of innocence and a uniquely personal kind of justice. These aside, your good intentions still make you a hero, despite whatever means you use to achieve your ends. On the positive side, you are quite badass.
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What kind of King are you?

Philosopher King
You are a philosopher king! thoughtful and wise, you believe that there is definately a right and wrong way of doing things, even if we don't know it yet, and you think that search is worthwhile. You are concerned not so much with democracy and liberalism/conservatism so much as doing the right thing independant of the majority's opinion and conventions. You have never existed in history, but are a goal that many hope to achieve, offering divine insight and wisdom unto subjects to create a utopic city-state. Ideally, that is.
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