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I was thinking about songs, and found this posting from 2008!

I think I used to be naughtier and I still wish I could be. Tonight I watched a rerun of Cartoon Networks Adult Swim "Lucy Daughter of the Devil" episode 3, "Dildo Factory". I remembered my how I used to be before I just wanted to leave here.

(to the tune of 'Pure Imagination' from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

Sinspiration Song (mp3 here)

Come long
it won't be long
till you're giving into sinspiration
have a touch (touch)
have a taste (taste)
because this is an official sinvitation

If you want it all
you can have it all
if you have a dream
use these fabulous machines
these sinspirations...

Taste it
We have every flavor in the world
Blue Cheese?
But of course
Hot Dog?
Hot dog flavor yes
Every flavor in the world

Ahhh... kinky memories...
Tags: sinfest, song

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