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My Photography Path

I used to think that other photographers were very fortunate to have access to glamorous models. These photographers are very talented, ambitious, and because of this, draw in very attractive, very cooperative, models. Amazing stuff, and I felt small when I looked at my abandoned location and animal photos.

I’ve not walked the path of studio model photography. I’ve instead focused on dance photography. It has been quite a journey, and has not been easy. Dance photography is almost always in motion, with natural lighting that is often incredibly challenging. I had to work out techniques and tricks to overcome the inherent challenges of dance photography. The typical focus of a dance photo isn’t posing for me. The best shots are of dancers doing their own thing. The dancers are quite properly enjoying themselves in the moment. My taking pictures is secondary to the dance. The dancers would keep on dancing if I weren’t there. I am capturing a moment in time that stands alone by itself, and perhaps this is the biggest difference between studio model photography and what I do. My path celebrates life as it really is.

I don’t feel small now. I am still a minor player in the pecking order of photographers. I have no portfolio of boudoir photos or wedding albums to my credit. This bothers me less now. I’ve worked on my style of dance photography and now my photographed dancers are as lovely and sexy as any studio model. I take incredible pleasure in revealing your inherent beauty. You guys and gals are incredible. There are no professionals involved, be they photographers or models , but we’ve done some work that is amazing.

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