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Seeing the Medium

Tonight I watched the free on-demand airing of Long Island Medium with Theresa Caputo. Her ability is to act as a communicate conduit between the living and the dead. This is the same kind of readings as John Edward, and the format is very similar. Theresa is psychically prompted to speak to an individual, and then shares information from the dead the living. The messages are predominately of the “I'm OK over here and you should feel better about your life” type stuff.

I find this stuff to be fascinating. Why? I can do a bit of medium work and know it is plausible. Are all people who claim to be mediums the real thing? No, but that is a human nature deal. Are all medium equally capable? No, some are good and some aren't. The show-person side of mediumship is fraught with fraud. Mediumship is incredibly difficult and not usually flashy. Communication with the deceased is sketchy, and the filter is the imperfect human conduit. This stuff isn't the fascinating part. The fascinating aspect to me is why people seek out a medium, and what why the encounter brings them relief. I also wonder speaking to a medium is the appropriate path for many people. Why do people see mediums? Here are some reasons that come to my mind.

* There were unreconciled words or actions between the living and the deceased, mediumship allows for closure.

* A person's passing times were painful, and the ones left behind want to know that the pain I over.

* The living have a fear of what happens when they die, and mediumship eases their fears.

* The living really misses the deceased, and the mediumship opens up a line of communication. It doesn’t matter what is said, the saying is the important thing.

* The living are struggling with life, and kind words from a deceased loved one gives the living the strength to continue on.

Back to Theresa. The mediumship reality television shows present people craving contact with the deceased, and the reasons are one usually one of the above. The medium frauds of the would not have happened if there was not a willing audience for their output. Is this harmless, just a bit of entertainment? There are some that think that it is anything but entertainment, and I agree with them.

I don't want to focus on people who see the medium as a party trick. A hit, miss or fake from a medium does not matter to the people who are merely curious. They don't care if the show is showing a feat that is difficult to pull off with the ease presented by reality shows. The people who should care are those in pain or doubt. The people who should care are the spiritually troubled, searching for answers about the nature of death. I personally think that mediums are not the thing that people need. It is possible that the medium is fake or ineffective, and this is not what truly grieving people need. The living are better served counseling that does not come from a medium.

What's wrong with a little input from the spirit realm via the possible imperfect medium? People fit situations into what they expect. They shoehorn the shared reality into what they want, and the medium can satisfy the needs of their querents. That is, they seem too, but is it real, and does it really last? The medium can become a fix and not a solution. Nobody needs this, and the medium maybe as real as they get, but people need to heal.

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