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I Am Legion

This poem attempts to explain my confusion regarding the multifaceted approach to solving racial issues. Some solutions are complimentary while others appear contrary on the surface. The intent is a common good, but the optimal outcome is challenged by the needs and statements of a multitude of interests. The legion in the poem refers to a vast host, multitude, or number of people.

The poem speaks to my confusion, but it also, I hope, speaks to the difficulty of any minority as they seek to be recognized by the majority. Emotions are strong, agendas are mixed, and the majority receives a legion of mixed messages. I believe it is called the human condition.

I Am Legion

I am legion
You are my persecutor
You are my savior
You are my equal
You are all these things and I am legion

You are my persecutor
I suffer at your hand
Your will torments me
No respite or mercy
I serve at your pleasure, your vassal

You are my savior
My hand outstretched for payment
The past reaping dividends today
Salve for my ancestors
You left me up
Moving me past all

You are my equal
Side by side
Rewards fairly distributed
Merit deciding rewards
We rejoice in the others victory
We acknowledge our own defeat

I demand you recognize your sins
I demand compensation
I demand equality

Admit your guilt
Acknowledge my uniqueness
Ignore our differences

Did I confuse you?
You are all things to me
While I am legion to you
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