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Musing About Types of Love

A wonderful friend asked:

"Just curious the differences between the answers of my ladies and my men.  Define love."
I found this to be an intriguing question.  Some of the responders came from the definition of romantic love.  This is not unusual.  I responded that I love many people in different ways.  So what is love?   I hope to write about this in depth.  For now I want to share a list of loves that focus on a person or a group of people.   They hint at the types of loves that exist in the world.

Types of love:

Love of self
Love of family – parents
Love of family – siblings
Love of family - extended
Love of country
Love of company (business)
Love of friend
Love of acquaintance
Love of stranger
Love of enemy
Love of romantic married spouse
Love of dating relation
Love of desired person
Love of celebrity
Love of sports team
Love of business associate / group

So many types of love!

Future topics?  I think I'll tackle perfect love and trust, friendzone, duality of love and hate, 256 shades of love, and perhaps more.  Good stuff!
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