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Christian Business - Noun or Adjective

This online article points out some possible theological missteps in embracing conservative evangelical precepts while supporting the idea of “Christian business”. IMO the quote at the end of the article sums up the conundrum: “Christian’ is the greatest of all possible nouns and lamest of all possible adjectives.” – Greg Thornbury, President of The King’s College

From the article… please check out the entire thing if you find this to be an interesting topic!

“Conservative evangelicals’ politics often lead them to accept “corporate personhood,” a belief increasingly prominent in capitalistic societies stating that corporations should be granted the same rights as individual human beings. The concept of a “Christian business” springs from this belief. But the term runs into conflict with the group’s theological commitments.”

“In order to understand the term “Christian,” we must first ask what the word means. Conservative evangelicals’ view of salvation is understood purely in individual terms. Only a person can become a Christian and only by repenting of their sins and believing on Christ. Can an organization or corporation be “born again?” The answer is no.”

“Or perhaps we might say that a “Christian business” is a corporation that does Christian things (closes on Sundays, gives money to the poor, prints Bibles, or opposes political policies that conflict with Christian values). But this requires one to essentially accept a corporate form of works righteousness—the idea that we are saved by what we do—something conservative evangelicals reject.”
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