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Tarot Questions

This is different. I took one of those multi-question quizzes. I usually don't, but this one was about tarot.

1. Name: A Tarot Reader

2. Age: 41

3. How long have you been reading tarot? Since about 1994

4. What got you involved in tarot?
Some good friends of mine read. I was interested in intuitive arts.

5. Do you have a favorite deck?
Cosmic Tarot

6. Do you have a favorite card? The Death Card - Change and Transformation

7. What Tarot card best describes your personality?
I'd like to say the Maverick (and maybe on a mental level that's true), but I suppose I'm a bit closer to the Queen of Clubs.

8. If you had to pick three cards to describe the day you're having, which three card combination would you choose and why?
Two of Wands, Two of Pentacles, Three of Wands

9. Do you read intuitively?

10. Do you practice any other forms of divination?
Straight psychic reading

11. Are you a religious person? Yep - shamanic path

12. Do you have a tarot mentor? Who are they? How do they inspire you?
Early on I had mentors. I also spent some time in the Atlanta GA new-age community.

13. Describe the most accurate reading you've done.
Many 'accurate' readings. None stand out.

14. How does reading tarot make you feel?

15. Is there a card that continually stumps you?

16. Do you have a favorite tarot spread?
The Celtic Cross works out to be the most utilitarian spread

17. Do you charge for your readings?
Not when I'm reading for friends

18. Strangest place you've read tarot?
In public I suppose

19. If you could create one card to add to your deck, what would it be called? What would this card mean?
A self-delusion card. So I can smack myself in the face with it repeatedly.

20. Does anyone you know not agree with your tarot practices?
Probably, but that doesn’t matter.

21. Ever regretted a particular reading?

22. Do you read for yourself as well as others?

23. Have you predicted any mainstream/world events using tarot?
A few times. They are almost too "big question" for cards to tackle

24. Do you read with reversals?

25. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

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