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Writing About Artists

I've got a slew of article ideas that focus on being an artist and succeeding as an artist. Wait... does this meant that I'm some famous artist? LOL... no, but writing about the topic will prompt me to (more) action.

Writing a series of articles about artists seems pretty ambitious to me! lists the following artist types: “painters, sculptors, draughtsmen (draw-ers), sketch artists, mixed-media artists, textile artists, illustrators, photographers, digital artists, printmakers, glass workers, makers of fine jewelry, and far too many artisans and craftspeople”. Wow. So, I'll write these articles from my slice of perspective. My goal is that the resulting articles will inspire and comfort fellow artists!

Upcoming articles, almost in the order I want to write them:

* Everyone is an Artist

* The Artist's Intuitive Vision

* Appropriation and the Artist

* The Measure of Artistic Success

* The Brave Artist

* Celebration of the Amateur Artist

* The Trick of Doing Art Everyday

* Art as an Addiction

* The Artist's Portfolio

* How to Succeed While Trying


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