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I'm Sick, But Not Dangerous (To Others)

Cool... so now I know I'm sick, but not dangerous to other people.  I've never thought I was straight-up psychopathic or antisocial.  The "introverted extrovert" tag explained most of my "anti-social" behavior.  I am not a straight-up narcissist either.  Instead I have a general personality disorder.  Joy.  LOL.

Counseling & Psychotherapy by Richard L. Fellner

Do you show symptoms of being a psychopath
or related personality disorders?

The Results.
There is no clear indication that you might have a
psychopathic / antisocial personality disorder.
Score: 5 of 38 [5:2/2/1]

There is no indication that you might have a narcissistic personality disorder.
You might have certain traits of narcissistic personalities but certainly not in a form that would justify a personality disorder diagnosis according to the standards.
Score: 4 of 9

There is no indication that you might have a histrionic personality disorder.[D:2/I:1]
You meet 60% of the range of general personality disorder criteria.

However, there are no clear indications of you having a psychopathic/antisocial, narcissistic or histrionic disorder, so there might be another problem not captured by this test.  Thus, is strongly recommended you seek a professional diagnosis to be sure what exactly you are dealing with.
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