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Sharing and Consumption

I seem to be writing a fair amount on Facebook (and elsewhere!). I share and share, but is this the real me? Does this really reveal who I am? These are interesting questions. Perhaps the whole of is best defined by both what I share AND what I consume.

I mention this because of the YouTube video “Hilary Mason on Data & Superpowers, a history of Big Data” ( Hilary shared surprising research indicating a disconnect between what we share and what we consume on the Internet. She calls this the “chicken / kitten metaphor”. From her research…

What we share:
* Things that make them look good (news, photos)
* Things they feel strongly about (politics)

What we consume:
* Celebrity gossip
* Sports
* Dirty Jokes
* Stuff you read, but stuff you don’t want your mom to know you’re reading

Hmmm… I share stuff that makes me look good (I hope!). I share stuff that I feel strongly about. Check and check there. How about the consumption? My voluminous writing allows a few hints about my consumption to poke through. BUT would I really want all my FB friends to know the web pages I view and the music I listen to? Probably not. “The Lords of Acid” isn’t for everyone. But seriously, for the most part I view pretty boring stuff. This afternoon I was viewing YouTube videos about Big Data and looking up connection strings for AS400 DB drivers. Other times I am researching my articles. The rest of the time I am poking through web pages shared by friends. My consumption is mostly based on curiosity, and curiosity can take you interesting places.

Do your consumption differ from your sharing? Does Hilary have a workable theory? Feel free to share, and by all means, enjoy your private consumption.
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