Big Rowan Ackison (greensh) wrote,
Big Rowan Ackison

Dark Side of Repressed Creativity

Creativity has a dark side, its own shadow. This shadow eventually manifests in inappropriate acts of expression. But what of people who are inherently violent or just plain broken? They create horrors. I am not speaking of these sociopathic acts. Instead I want to speak to the outcome of the shadow resulting from society's suppression of healthy creativity. Who is society? Society are the groups and traditions uncomfortable with unfettered created. Forms of morality are the foundation of the traditions. Society is a silent, but active, partner in the creation of the artist's shadow.

What are the fruits of creativity's shadow? What happens when the creative soul cannot create when it wants to? As I will speak to later, creation will occur, but it will occur in an inappropriate time and place. The manifestation may not even be “artistic”. There will be creation, but it may more resemble the sibling destruction.

The need to create something is the source of the shadow of creativity. Creativity is most satisfactory when there is the possibility of recognition by others. Just knowing that somebody, some day, will see the result of creativity is enough to satisfy this need. People will seek some expression of themselves. The suppression of this has the same results as pushing the air out of one end of a tubular balloon. The air will go to the other end of the length. Just as there is no way to completely flatten a balloon, the human desire to create cannot be completely squelched. The balloon can be flattened by popping it, allowing all air to escape. Sadly, this is the malevolent path that traditions take to quiet the output of others. Society seeks to “flatten” the artist. The suppressed, by focused authority or environment, will find a way to create. The outcome can be reactive, violent and destructive. The greater the suppression, the greater the eventual explosion. Others ask the creative soul to be quiet and behave. The platitude of "live with it" or "get over it" is not enough. Creativity will happen. It is incumbent on us, as a family and society, to recognize the needs while they are small and benign. The proper channeling of creation can prevent the shadow from fully expressing it's darkness.
Tags: artist, creativity, shadow

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