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The Tolerance of the Minority(?) Revisted

I've been speaking to one of original "mockers" to my blog entry on the NFP group blog. Once we got past the knee-jerk reaction to the otherkin thing, I've learned that one charter of the NFP group is to support inquiries about pagan beliefs. They do this very well. As a result, the most vocal people to my blog entry are coming from a primary interest in the scholarship and anthropological roots of paganism.

This is the tribe that exists in NFP. IMO, the structure of the tribe does not easily support tangential topics that our outside of their charter. This much is said in the group's mission statement. This is their call because this is their tribe. If you don't agree than find the door, find another tribe, or even create your own. Such is life.

There were some purely snarky answers, but heck, you get a few a-holes in every crowd. Those who fit that description probably also revel in their behavior. So be it.

The rare snarky comment aside, I have to say that there were some really good responses in this mix. I wanted to know about where the boundaries of pagan reality were. The responders have certainly presented a complete cross section of opinions. As this is a fact based group, the responses tended toward the "prove it before I acknowledge the possibility" direction. I find this to be restrictive in nature, but that's my issue and opinion. I appreciate everyone taking the time to put in their $.02.

What I've learned from this is that my own beliefs can't be put in a box and labeled "scientific" and "anthropological". I've had enough experience to question the black-n-white lines in life. These experiences have occured in the new-age, pagan, shaman and holistic communities. None of these groups has a monopoly on the truth. All of these groups do have a right to set boundaries and beliefs, and that's what I saw in response to my original question. So mote it be!
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