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Writing about Art

I've written a fair amount about art. The reason seems apparent given that I do a bit of photography, writing, and even music on the side. This is just a front. I have a secret agenda for writing about art, one that I may finally reveal.

Surely I must write about art because I am qualified to do so. Not so fast! Clearly I don't write about art because I have lofty accreditation. My sheepskin is in an engineering field. How about my lofty fame as an artist? My artistic efforts, while notable in a little pond kind of way, are mere hacks compared to the real artists of my dabbled fields. The raw qualifications are not there, so how can I even start to write about art?

Here is my secret: I see art as a metaphor for life. I am writing about life, with art as a theme. I envision art as a common touch point for the vast creativity of the human expression. This creativity can be intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, or philosophical. Life is really big, full of different view points. Some view points are seemingly at odds, with contrary thoughts and deific expressions. The taxonomy of “art” allows me to share my thoughts on some pretty sweeping vistas of life while bridging the artificial divides of life. Art provides a common language to talk about life.

Does this mean that my discussions of art are a scam? Nope. I enjoy being an artist in my own right, and very much enjoy experiencing the works of other artists. I believe in the path of the artist. My desire to write about a larger life shares an expressive path with the soul of the artist. I very much honor the artist in all of us while I simultaneously indulge in a philosophical sleight of hand.

A parting thought... my writing about art, and its inherent creativity, speaks to the incredible potential of the human experience. Try to read between the lines of my remarks about art and the artist. There is more there for both you and me.
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