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The Benefits of Doing Art Everyday

Is doing art every day just about practice? Should a person daily push themselves in their artistic pursuits just to get “better”? This is a worthy goal, and “Practice, practice, practice” is how you get to Carnegie Hall, but there is more to everyday practice.

There are two artistic things that I do daily. The first is to post something to my blog. The second is to post a picture, taken that day, to I've been doing the daily blog thing since November of 2013. I've been doing “a picture a day” since mid July 2014. One is writing and the other is photography. There are similarities and some interesting differences. Both activities have enriched my life through doing art.

The picture a day effort forces me to find something to photograph each and every day. I challenge myself to present some aspect of my life and surroundings. This has me thinking about locations and topics that I can do in the future. Some will take a road trip, others are on the way home, and others are right here at the house. Some of my daily submissions have been mundane and others have been more. I don't promise myself that every one will be a masterpiece, and this is the magic of the daily practice. In time my life will be laid bare to the viewers. I am nudged to explore my surroundings photographically in a way that I would not if I did not practice photography art daily.

The daily blogging is art as therapy. I don't force myself to write something original every day. I've been blogging since 2007. There is a gap in there (2010 to 2012). The past efforts have created a rich deposit of past ideas that I can pull forward today without change, or I can mine the archives for ideas that I rework into current articles. I recycle past material when I am tired or when the past speaks directly to an event occurring now. Most of the postings are original to that day, some are quite dark, and others are hopefully helpful to others. The therapeutic angle manifests because I challenge myself to be as honest as possible in the media. Can I fully express myself? Perhaps not, some days, but the effort pulls me out and allows me to share myself with a larger world. The daily practice of writing is exploratory that I share with others.

What summary can be pulled from these thoughts about the daily practice of art? For your consideration:

* The artist can learn what really speaks to them, forgoing only listening to what others want.
* Exploration of the art is strongly motivated by the ongoing daily pacing.
* Expectations of artistic “quality” is suspended as the output of art is allowed to range from the mundane to the spectacular.
* A thread of honesty and revelation is revealed in the daily output. Some days may be dishonest or vague, but enough days speak truly of the artist.
* From the repetition, the artist learns a lot about themselves even while they may share their work with others.
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