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Sep. 18th, 2014 @ 07:53 pm IT Innovation
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I'm seeing an interesting dichotomy of trends in the enterprise system / programming world. There are some really amazing things going on in the areas of big data. Data is being stored and analyzed in quantities that would have been thought impossible a decade ago. I've been learning about these advances via YouTube videos. Will my company ever do this stuff? Nope, but consider that I have a training database (SQL Server) that is at about 14 GB. This is BIG by standards of 15 years ago.

On the other hand I saw an article that said that innovation was dead in IT. The author mused that there were only so many calendar and notepad programs a person could use. I suspect the article was purposely written to have these “hooks” that would draw people's ire, I mean attention. There is a fair statement here, but I believe the emphasis is in the wrong place. IT programs seem to have grown in two different directions. There are the monster could based suites, and then there are the small programs that fit on your phone or tablet. There isn't much middle ground for programming. Why? Maybe the money is chasing the two ends of the spectrum. To the “innovation is dead” article's point, neither end, small or large, is terribly sexy.

So what to make of this? I am fine with an apparent stagnation of “innovation” because I believe that the innovative stuff is going on behind the scenes. Most people don't see it. It is happening in the realm of DevOps and data scientists. Math majors: this is where the money is! I would like to move into this realm before I ease out of the job market. Time to hit some more of those YouTube instructional videos, and then I need to set up a Hadoop cluster at the house.
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