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Poem - Sea of Sorrow

Sea of Sorrow

Drowning in a sea of sorrows
Dropping down into the depths
Back up for temporary relief
Can I bear to see tomorrow?

Joyful islands seen afar
Laughter drifts to me
Fleeting glimpses reveal
Happiness chasmed by deep water

Evil lands to the right
No sorrow burdens them
False refuge beackons
I turn from the sight

Comrades in despair
I see others as I drift
Empathy is shared
As we float alone

New arrivals to the ocean
Fresh and pink, destination undecided
Will they live on land?
Will they embrace the sea?

My refuge is within
Phantom escape embraced
Sweet illusions spun
Drowning ever more

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: poem, sorrow

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