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I missed posting on the 26th. I had some poetry lined up to post, but time got away from me! So, with no delay, here is the poetry from 09/26 and 09/27!

Inspired by a friend... another rhyming exercise! Please have patience while I work out my methods.
You're that Girl
Poem for Day 004 - 20140927
You're that girl
I'll never date.
You're the woman
so filled with grace.
Thoughtful and kind
are ways I could describe you.
I'd also say refined
with a dash of friendly too.
You've caught my interest,
it built over time.
It was from a distance,
until mutual conversation was mine.
You left for parts far away.
I longed for your return.
The round trip was delayed
during your long sojourn.
Now you're back,
and the world is brighter.
You smile was my lack
and now I am filled with light.
© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.


I was thinking of dreaming and decided to play with rhyming today.

Dreaming of Sheep
Poem for Day 003 - 20140926

Once I dreamt of sheep
jumping across my bed.
They bleated as they leaped,
vampire fangs tinged with red.

My neighbor said not to worry!
The aliens would make it right.
They chittered me as they scurried,
and I was filled with fright!

Save me from dreams of sheep,
rescue me from alien creepers,
I just want to sleep
safe from the furry leapers.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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