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Poem - I Want to Be You

Do you look across a room and sees a person you would like to be, if only physically? We have a mental image of who we are. The mirror says something else. Other people reflect our inner vision. The result is a terrible dialogue about being.

I Want to Be You
Poem for Day 008 - 20141001

I want to be something,
something different today.
Shuck my look
and start over again.

Look at you,
got what I want.
Look at me,
person incomplete.

I want to be
taller, shorter,
lighter, danker,
thinner, thicker,
curvier, flatter,
older, younger,
male, female.
It's not too much
to ask to be all these.

You have what I want,
you have that look.
Could I be like you
and not be a freak?

We could all be perfect,
cookies from the same sheet.
You're the model I seek.
I’m just the reject I hate.

Just grant me this wish,
this desperate desire,
cause I want to be you.
I want to be complete.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: desire, poem, self-image

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