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Poem - Psycho Save Us

This poem was inspired by the book “Psycho Save Us” by Chad Huskins. The book is about two young girls rescued from a terrible fate. Their savior is Spencer Pelletier, a certified psychopath. He has no feelings or empathy, and this is key to both his and their survival as the story unwinds. The book got me thinking about “successful” business people and politicians. The best are amoral with a heavy dose of survival instincts. Who fights for us when we face these beasts, and what does that say about ourselves?

Psycho Save Us
Poem for Day 010 - 20141003

He's the guy with no conscious.
She's the gal with no sympathy.
Human beings just so monstrous,
mimic emotion so brilliantly.
Their agenda is their own,
other lives merely secondary.
Through the world they move alone,
their intellect is weaponry.

The CEO rules the roost,
business is their battlefield.
The outside world is seduced
by the leader's slick appeals.
Take no prisoner,
last man standing,
invokes the swindler.
Obey the commanding.

The politician slays with words,
drenched in blood of verbal lances.
No truth may chance be heard,
watch the snake and be entranced.
I'm here to help you,
your greatest good is my desire.
None of which is true,
submit yourself to their fire.

Psycho save us from the others.
Be our proxy in this battle.
Throw yourself against another
so we can keep being cattle.
A savior with no conscious,
a rescuer with no feeling,
our deliverer so monstrous,
is our own darkness concealing.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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