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Poem - Boy Kissed to Death

A FB friend posted a story about a boy who was kissed to death. This sounded like the typical Irish ballad: somebody had to die in the end. I researched the story on the internet and found out about a girl who was kissed to death. At first a peanut allergy was blamed, but an update explained that the death was due to “an acute asthma attack after physical exertion with her boyfriend ”. I used this inspiration and wrote “Boy Kissed to Death”.

Boy Kissed to Death
Poem for Day 011 – 20141004

This is a very sad tale
of a lusty youthful lad
who came to an end so sad
at the lips of his best gal.

Some say it was the sandwich
laden with peanut butter.
It was an allergy they mutter
that took the lad before his time.

A deep kiss was the cause
saliva swapped, lips embraced.
The errant nut put in place,
swift death came to take the lad.

But wait, there is an update.
The story has been revised.
It was not as they surmised.
Another end was his fate.

He had a heart attack.
The autopsy revealed.
It could not be concealed.
His girlfriend was cut no slack.

It was due to exertion
expressed before the kiss,
that caused this heart to miss
and the boy was kissed to death.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: death, kiss, poem

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