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Poem - Killer Robot Wanted

I caught a bit of RoboCop. The story is an old one... a misguided organization attempts to build the ultimate machine / soldier. They implant a criminal / psycho mind in their creation. What could possibly go wrong? A whole lot, and the drama ensues. Why do it at all? This goes back to the idea that hard jobs have to go to hard people. Clue guys... hard does not have to equal insane.

Killer Robot Wanted
Poem for Day 012 – 20141005

Posted: Killer Robot Wanted
Need to replace a hero,
now seen as a zero.
Who can be the replacement?

First search the hardcore prisons
Find the baddest psycho killer
One that they gonna chiller.
Send him on our evil mission.

Hook him on psychotic drugs,
to ramp up his killing streak,
just the right kind of tweak,
to make him our violent thug.

Implant his mind in a steel shell.
Hydraulic fists and laser eyes,
Homing missiles and power thighs,
all to deliver his death knell.

What could possibly go wrong?
Now we have a perfect killer,
one that will pull the trigger.
Surely it will play along!

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: killer, robot, thug

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