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Genderless Pat

There are a lot of discussions going on about gender identity, gender roles, gender (dis)empowerment, and more! I read an article about being gender free. The focus of the article was about creation of identity , and subsequent gender roles, regardless of physical sexual attributes. The article pretty much said that physical and metaphorical gender identity had so many negatives that gender freedom was the shining path forward. This got me thinking about a character on Saturday Night Live named “Pat”. Played by Julia Sweeney, Pat was a gender enigma. Pat’s gender identity was known only to Pat, no matter how people tried to force the information from Pat. This is humor, yes, but it is also an extreme of being gender free. The skits, and later movie, showed how uncomfortable our society is with people who are not gender based. Because of this, I believe that a completely gender free society is an academic hyperbole. Today’s poem is about Pat. The jokes are lifted and rephrased from the SNL skits.

Be a Pat
Poem for Day 13 – 20141006

Pat is a gender unknown,
gender free's poster child.
Where could Pat be filed?
Look to the puzzle zone.

Was Pat a brother?
Is Pat a sister?
I don't know mister,
Pat is an only child.

Better than gender equality.
Freedom from gender oppression!
Pat will be the key expression.
Pat is the mark of sex constancy!

Would Pat like a periodical?
One completely gender free?
Pass the one on the right please!
The People magazine is logical!

What should this blank say?
The one next to sex?
Pat knows the answer best,
answering with a big yes!

The opposite sex is Pat's preference,
realized during hot night's passion,
the partners of this love fashioned -
a threesome with a man and woman!

Freedom from gender is the answer.
Gender unknown is a path forward.
Look to Pat echoes the chorus.
Be a Pat as the new gender standard.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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