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Poem - Sea of God

This is really my posting for 10/07/14... I am just running a little late!

This poem based on a dialogue I had with a friend. They said that they felt God was angry with them. They had difficulty connecting with the ocean of love thing. I said that God is tricky thing. The oceans of love have pirate boats and sharks. There are islands of goodness and continents of depravity. The thing that is forgotten is that the ocean makes up 70% of the earth. Pirate boats and sharks aside, the love of God is predominate over the human condition called life.

Sea of God
Poem for Day 14 – 20141007

God is angry.
My sin is separation.
So goes the narration
of my sad little ego.

There is another angle,
one of universal love.
God is the ocean undreamed of,
and across it moves our hull.

There are pirate boats
and there will be sharks.
avoid these wide of mark
and gently along you'll float.

There are island of human goodness,
and continents of supreme evil,
The latter are ruled by the devil
and the former are a blessing to witness.

Just remember that terra firma,
in all its apparent realness,
is only 30% of the landscape.
The other 70% is love firmer.

The love of God is predominate,
across all our lives floating along.
It is a wonder to contemplate,
that it includes you too life long.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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