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Poem - Polar Solutions, Individual Targeted

The inequalities of the past and present are ripe for solutions. It seems that there are two approaches promoted in public discourse. The first appears to be forward looking, wishing to leave the past to the past. The second appears to use the past as a building block, empowering differences and purposely correcting injuries. In the middle is the individual. The solutions are on the societal level, the macrocosm. The individual is the microcosm. It seems that little really changes as the dueling solutions operate in a realm above those truly impacted by the issues.

Polar Solutions, Individuals Targeted
Poem for Day 015 - 20141008

There is a social issue,
social problem,
social illness,
difference, deviation, departure.
The thorn in your side:
historical persecution,
long term neglect,
abuse, marginalization, torment.

How will we address this?
How will we fix this?
What can we do?

We have the fix, but from two fronts,
Dualistic solutions are in contentious battles.
Two sides against a common ailment,
Two doors mark the issue as their target.

Door number one wishes no trouble,
talk not of the past, only the future
calls out for blindness and label rejection.
Embrace blindness, freedom from labels!
Only people are here:
no black or white
no female or male
no rich or poor!
Stepping forward with no bias,
moving forward with no distinctions.

Door number two has the past in the sights,
a foundation for things to come.
Celebrate diversity, address the past issues.
Promote distinctions, fix inequalities!
Only divergences are here:
past wrongs to be righted,
cultures to be celebrated,
discrepancies to corrected!
Stepping forward with variation appreciation,
moving forward with social realignment.

Actions align, forces marshaled.
The enemy is a societal ill,
the individual becomes the target.
How will this end when the doors open,
when best intentions forward charge?
This will not end well:
polar solutions,
individuals targeted in the cross fire!

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: poem, society

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