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Poem - My Life in Stereo

Stereotypes are a tool and hindrance to understanding others. At best a stereotype is an educated guess of a person. This guess is the assumption of averages and others. Sometimes it works, but it is only a jumping off point. At worst, and this occurs more often than not, the guess is a prejudiced fallacy. The stereotype negatively impacts the relationship and benefits none.

My Life in Stereo
Poem for Day 018 - 20141011

My life is heard in stereo.
Impressions dual to the world.
People know my life is varied,
but two channels do not life uncurl.

Quadraphonic is an option!
perhaps you hear more than most.
Please still listen with caution.
What you hear is still a ghost.

Surround sound reveals the most.
Five or sixteen speakers voice my life.
Few people can make this boast.
Fewer people have heard my strife.

Stereotypes are richly experienced.
Belief of fact are multi-channel.
Sometimes close, often distance,
Sadly these I must annul.

I am much more than stereo,
quadraphonic, or surround.
I am your oral Devil.
I am your vocal Dario.
Stereotypes offer easy listening,
of my life they are just whisperings.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: poem, stereotype

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