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Poem - Hamburgers on Tuesday

I've had my fair share of dreams about the world being taken over by monsters or aliens. The poem “Hamburgers on Tuesday” is based on a dream I had in which demonic forces had taken over. I did resist their influences, but later I seemed to be working for the new masters. My group found ourselves on a city street. There was a McDonald's that was open twice a week, and one of those days was Tuesdays. The burgers cost $12.45 each. Obviously times are tough when blood thirsty monsters rule mankind.

Hamburgers on Tuesday
Poem for Day 019 – 20141012

I dreamt I was a merc
enrolled in an evil army.
At first I had resisted,
but later I took the work.
The Elder Gods had intruded
on your fair earthly realm.
They took over all things,
and we are all well screwed.

Years later I still lived,
serving my new masters!
We were in front of McDonald's,
it was clear we were deprived.
Hamburgers were served on Tuesdays.
Big Macs restricted to one day.
Times were tough, beef was scarce.
Chances to get that fix were sparse.

Demonic forces, horrific rulers,
was the world in which I lived!
Constant terror, shortened lives,
made our existence more crueler.
Get your burgers on Tuesday!
Only $12.45 each!
A Quarter Pounder tastes so sweet
when Elder Gods do prey.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: monster, poem

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