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Poem - Shadow Dancer

Life in general, and the dance communities specifically, have taught me that there are special people that come into our lives. These people transcend typical relationships. With them we are truly comfortable, dropping our guards, and revealing much more of ourselves. I wish I had more people like this in my life. I treasure the ones that I do have! In contradancing, a "shadow" is a dancer, other than your partner, with whom you interact in the same way, change after change. The poem “Shadow Dancer” is based on these thoughts.

Shadow Dancer
Poem for Day 022 – 20141015

Comfortable touch,
trusting continence,
close confidant,
first amongst equals.

A silent partner,
prompting wide smiles,
promoting real joy:
my shadow dancer.

These things I say about you,
a friend whom I love dearly.
You are a twin flame to me,
a gift from life most sincere.

My life would be most empty
without your blessed presence.
Thankfully you are still here
dancing to life's shared music.

We glide across life's dance floor,
now happily together,
but mostly separated.
You are often in my thoughts.

Our connection is twin rays,
mirrored spirits together,
living separate,
my shadow dancer.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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