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Poem - Only Dancers

Social dancing is an amazing group phenomenon. People of all ages and social backgrounds are thrown together to experience a shared event. The relationships formed defy the normal social norms. Sometimes the relationships exist outside of dancing. More often the relationships are defined by the dance, and the dancing can be darn good. This poem is about people deeply connecting through the act of dancing.

Only Dancers
Poem for Day 023 – 20141016

Fate has placed us together:
an accidental meeting
or a hasty rendezvous.
The outcome is pure pleasure,
the results to be treasured.

We are temporary partners,
thrown together in the dance.
Allies in this effort,
the outcome is depends on us.
We will move in unity,
a bond blessed musically.

Our moves are smooth motion.
The swing precisely balanced.
Cooperation is the key.
Each giving and taking
precisely what is needed.
Each move effortlessly completed.

My delicious partner,
my waltzing confidant,
my cavorting consort,
must you leave me now?
Our union was perfection,
a blessed intersection.

We are only dancers,
so much and nothing more.
A temporary alliance
of willing body,
of grateful soul.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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