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Poem - Treasure

The poem “Treasure” is about a thing that we all have. It is incredibly valuable and often given for mere pennies.

Poem for Day 025 – 20141018

I have a treasure,
one I could share.
I have a thing,
kept to myself.
Would you, perhaps,
like to see it?
Could you, maybe,
be kind to it?

My treasure is
soiled, clean,
intact, broken,
pure, tainted,
indifferent, trusting,
whole, battered,
fragile, eternal,
strong, wounded.

My treasure fills the world,
fitting in the palm of your hand.
Is it safe to share a fragile thing?
Would you hold it dearly too?
My treasure has many facets,
reflecting me for all to see.
My treasure can be given away.
It something I should never forgo.

Do you know yet?
Have you guessed?
What is this treasure?
It is my soul.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: poem, soul, treasure

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