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Poem - Lady of Love

There are people who come through our lives, people who impress on us in a way that others do not. Barriers are broken down. Bonds are created across the space of heartbeats.

Lady of Love
Poem for Day 027 – 20141020

Why are you frowning
she gently prodded.
Don't you enjoy my
company she asked.
Inside I smiled,
enraptured by her.
With her company,
surrounded by love.

Bright smile,
green eyes,
red hair,
no guile.

Elegant fashion,
a mischievous smile,
deep soulful knowing,
fluid grace in style.

She seduced my heart,
my mind was enticed.
Powerful lady,
share your clarity.
Please come dance with me,
graceful rarity.
With her company,
so giving of love.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: love, poem

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