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Poem - Skin Hunger

My apologies, this poem is a bit dark. I saw a posting about skin hunger and wanted to do a poem on the topic. Well, it seems I struggle with skin hunger mightingly. All I can say is: thank goodness for social dancing.

Skin Hunger
Poem for Day 028 – 20141021

They say the requirements of life are:
water, clothing shelter, and food.
To these I don't disagree,
but there is one I must decree.

I speak of a compulsion,
an essential obligation,
the constant occupation,
our life's prepossession.

Look to the demanding condition,
the elemental stipulation,
love's prescription,
the physical specification.

It is sought, and found,
through many ways timeless:
sex, sports, and violence.
Too much perhaps, often excessive.

I am starved: sex is forbidden.
I am famished: sports are for jocks.
I am ravenous: violence makes me chicken.
Touch me please, this is all too much.

Must I seek the bad touch?
Should I turn to attention poorly given?
Will you quench my thirst with violation?
Touch me please, I have the need.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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