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Poem - I Missed You

I find myself telling people “I missed you”. This happens at dance events! I would have not seen the person for a time, they are there, and I am truly happy to see them! This little acknowledgement that they've touched my life is grist for a poem.

I Missed You
Poem for Day 029 – 20141022

My eyes brighten,
My heart quickens,
I say out loud,
I missed you!

You are a spark,
a point of light
in my still life.
You make me smile.
You touch my heart,
just a little bit.
Life would go on,
there is no doubt.
But it is sad
to not have you
in my small life.
I rejoice now,
for you are here.
You complete me,
I missed you.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: missed you, poem

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