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Poem - Better Than [Kittens]

I am a third of the way through 90 days of poetry! Hurray. I believe that poetry should be family friendly! Poetry should also pull no punches! The melding of these two thoughts has resulted in the poem “Better Than [Kittens]”. It is about the orgasmic experience of dance, expressed in a family friendly way. Enjoy!

This poem is based on the [kittens]ual nature of dancing and the television show X-Play. On X-Play Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler would review games. REALLY GRAPHIC games had flurries of kitten faces super imposed on the screen to cover the content not suitable for broadcasting. It was cute and practical!

Better Than [Kittens]
Poem for Day 030 – 20141023

Lovely partner,
be my charmer.
Here on the dance floor
you're sure to score.
You know what comes next,
dancing is better than [kittens].

Dip and twirl,
swing and whirl,
arm in arm with you dear.
We've got bring this to term,
clear the decks,
dancing is better than [puppies].

My cheek to yours,
my knees feel weak.
Our bodies touch in motion,
my emotions are ecstatic.
What should I expect?
Dancing is better than [rainbows].

I am nearly spent,
by this mutual event.
We have joined as one,
our dance has reached climax.
Our desire was no longer held in check,
dancing is better than [kittens].

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: kittens, sex

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