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Poem - Waiting for the Revolution

I saw the Billy Graham’s book “Revival in our Time” at a local thrift store. The title struck me as fodder for a poem, but then I thought about how many people jump from revival to revolution. Revival is defined as “an instance of something becoming popular, active, or important again”. Revolution is defined as “a forcible overthrow of a social order in favor of a new system”. I don’t mind a good revival or two. They are more often based on voluntary acceptance of the movement. Revolution is another can of worms. The Neoconservative politics of the Bush administration scared the dickens out of me. At its heart it seemed to be a theocracy based redefining of the world. I’m just different enough that I was on the wrong side of right. Go ahead and have an old-time revival. Just please don’t wait for your revolutions if I’m not involved.

Waiting for the Revolution
Poem for Day 031 – 20141024

I'm waiting for the revolution,
I'm wanting right to triumph over wrong.
Difficult problems easily solved,
old ways will be forcibly dissolved.
Don't fight the wave, face the music.
Changing things is the final solution.

You'd better make your contribution.
You'd better get on board with me!
Our enemies will be repressed.
Our path is the only one blessed.
Be on my side or be the enemy.
Exact retribution or face execution.

I'm creating whole new institutions,
I'm laying down a new law for all.
The old is corrupt, the new is progressed.
My vision of the world is the best.
Freedom for all that agree with me!
My enemies will feel the prosecution.

I'm waiting for the revolution,
I'm waiting for my day to come.
The dogs will bark and the guns will fire.
Pity those who against me conspire,
the brave new world is my only calling.
Prepare to make your absolution!

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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