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Poem - Phobias in Multiplex

I've been doing a lot of mushy poems, with a strange one or two thrown in. I think it is time for a quite silly poem!

Phobias in Multiplex
Poem for Day 032 – 20141025

Phobias are fears impacting my life.
To have them is not so strange.
I wish I had only one, perhaps two other,
but I have so many many more.
I must have help, I must seek aid.
Before my life stays unmade.

Doctor, could you help me please?
I have a multiplicity of disease.
Multiplex phobias are the illness,
this is my crippling condition.
I fear no singular object!
My phobias instead interconnect.

Doctor, give me a pill please,
something to allow fears to ease:
Black boots on dead rooks,
pointy hats on ugly rats.
My heart is racing, my palms are wet,
I want to flee from these threats.

Combinations of fear, multiple dreads,
I cannot stand the apprehension:
gay chainsawing dentists,
cooking doctors crossing tall bridges.
I encounter these most everyday.
I seek control, but fear betrays.

Why am I afraid of things most varied,
of combinations that seem contrary?
Flowers touching my small knees,
clown bears climbing dirty stairs,
Oh no, here in front of me, another fear I must block:
large footed babies with snow covered clocks!

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: phobia, poem

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