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Poem - A Matter of Inches

A Matter of Inches
Poem for Day 033 – 20141026

A matter of inches,
just a few little space,
that's all it will takes
to twist your self-esteem
from dream to extreme.

Our measure of ourselves,
what we believe others to think,
is based on simple measurements,
with too little different too much to conceive,
all tying back to our esteem.

Please could this be thinner?
Would this be taller?
Could this be fuller?
Won't this be longer?
So many inches to account for,
all connecting to body décor.

The terrible secret,
the ironic condition,
is that everyone has at least one,
a single measurement their own,
too short or too long,
defining their body gone wrong.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: body, esteem, poem

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