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Poem - Dulcet Destiny

The arts are often handed down through families. A combination of inspiration and apprenticeship result in latter generations embracing artistic efforts. Sometimes the heritage is bitter sweet, because an artist's life can be challenging, but the torch is still passed.

Dulcet Destiny
Poem for Day 035 – 20141028

My father was a bard,
a master of the notes.
At his hands instruments sang
from melodies learned by rote.
He was a tired traveler,
across many far afield.
His audience a-changing
as he sang for his welfare.

He bequeathed rhyme laden song,
baroque besotted stanzas,
and longing lusty lyrics.
His music was passed to me,
legacy instrumental,
meant to entertain others,
lyrical inheritance,
Musical birthright endowed.

I am the bard apparent,
master of the musical.
my instruments serve me well,
as I sing for your pleasure.
I share my song declarant,
the road beneath my swift feet.
Each show a testimony
to my dulcet destiny.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: father, legacy, music, poem

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