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Poem - Not Forgotten

A friend posted in their blog, noting that they had distanced themselves from past groups and people. It is possible that I’ll never see this friend again in person, but this does not remove the fact that they’ve touched my life, and continue to do so through their blogged sharing. Another incredibly dear friend has seemed to pass completely away from my life, and yet, they are still very much part of it. These two thoughts combined in the poem “Not Forgotten”.

Not Forgotten
Poem for Day 036 – 20141029

You're gone,
but not forgotten.
You moved away,
dropped out,
passed on.
I remember
and hold you
in my thoughts.
The memories are
and still very real.

You marked me,
touched me here.
I cannot forget,
or bury you.
You are not here,
beside me,
holding me.
The link exists:
and I continue on.

Will you return
to me perhaps?
Perhaps never,
What we had was
enough this
My sweet balboa,
remember me too.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: forgotten, leaving, life, love, poem

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