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Poem - Jump the Flames

Personally I have a lot of associations with Halloween. I’ve expressed some of them in a poem celebrating the turning of the year’s wheel. Everyone please be safe and celebrate life as darkness descends.

Jump the Flames
Poem for Day 038 – 20141031

The veil is thin,
in our hearts,
as we remember saints and relatives alike.
All Hallows Eve is here.
Confront death,
ridicule the end most certain.
Hide from death,
jest the far side of the curtain.

Darkness presses in,
the harvest has been gathered,
and livestock slaughtered.
The doorway cracks open,
monsters and fay enter.
Give them treats,
favors most nice,
on this hallowed eve.

The veil is thin,
our mortality is short,
honor the dead and celebrate life.
Light the bonfires,
and embrace life's shadows
to hold back decay.
Jump the flames
and flirt with death's domain.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: celebrate, death, halloween, poem, samhain

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