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Poem - Dreams are Dangerous

How do you write a poem? Sometimes I just start with an idea, and this can be just a single sentence. I saw a posting about a collection of pictures called “Dreams are Dangerous”. I thought that sounded great, so I spun a poem about the nightmare side of dreams.

Dreams are Dangerous
Poem for Day 039 – 20141101

Do you dare to dream?
Would you start to sleep?
To drift into worlds
separate from waking.
To dream is to drift,
seeking more than life.
Seeing other realms,
far realities.
Perhaps you embark
into the dreams near.
Further you may go,
to distance places.

Strange sights greeting you,
malefic stalk you.
Where have you landed?
A nightmare walking.
Beware dear sleeper,
you are in danger.
You life is forfeit,
so unfortunate.
Shadows do surround,
mutterings do sound.
You the visitor
in this evil land.

Turn from the dark path.
Beware the false signs.
Mislead you they will
away from safe exit.
The siren beckons.
The cries for help call.
Listen to them not.
Doom is all they bring.
Seek the lighted path.
Seek the plan wood door.
Safety it will bring,
awakened again.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: danger, dreams, poem

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