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Poem - Protect Me

Saviors of the prosecuted can come with their own agendas, sometimes not aligned with the people they are “protecting”. This is a sad glimpse into human nature, along with the give and take of human relationships.

Protect Me
Poem for Day 040 – 20141102

I am person persecuted.
Legions array against me.
I am targeted for their pleasure.
This is my personal nightmare.
Who will protect me?
Guardians step forward please.
I am your your ward.
Will you be my guard?

High walls keep enemies out.
Patrols watch outside the wire.
Land mines lance the path,
pity those who face their wrath.
What price have I paid?
Do you serve me,
or do I serve you?
Welcome to my new nightmare.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: agendas, guardian, poem, protection

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