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Poem - Stand Before You

A friend asked for thoughts on non-cis lives. This is a complicated topic because of the interplay between gender identity and sexual preference. These are assumed to have norms. These norms only exist on the largest part of of the bell-curve. Others have a mix of gender and sexual (attraction) identities that defy the expected. There are many combinations, and the people live these do so with lives that have as much integrity and honesty as the “norms”. Sadly society only begrudgingly gives them the respect and a space asked for.

Stand Before You
Poem for Day 041 – 20141103

I stand before you:
body physical.
Contrary to my:
How can I explain
my self existence?
It is who I am,
not society's plan.

I stand before you:
sexual image.
Contrary to my:
personal desires.
I have my own needs.
They are authentic.
Forget what you think.
I seek my passion.

Confuse you I may:
social rejection.
I do not attack:
desire no malice.
Hiding is normal,
my peer group so small.
If you must see me,
please respect my place.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: cis, gender, poem, sexuality

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