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Poem - Limbo of Pain

Warning guys, this is very dark, and it is one of those “could trigger you” type things. This poem is about abuse and the unfortunate outcome that may occur. Turn away or look if you dare.

Limbo of Pain
Poem for Day 046 – 20141108

I show no signs,
no outward manifestation,
yet the inner pain
drives me away from here.
My purpose is discredited,
no reason to be proud
of what I am.
What path do I have,
in this invisible world?
My soul shattered
and my will is dismissed.

The strikes have no marks.
The collisions upon my self,
massive and pointed,
are seen by none.
I am bruised
Brought to my knees while
you see me physically still standing.

My life has no meaning.
The objects, the things, my actions,
are described in a single word.
Simply put, they are shit.
That is, to say,
they are excrement
The master of manure
stand atop his disregarded dung heap.

Why do I want to continue?
The one I love exiles me.
I am already standing outside,
waiting for the axe to fall.
Why not take the final leap?
Why not pass away?
The dark balm calls me
away from this limbo of pain.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: pain, suicide

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