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Poem - The Poem's Voice

I love poetry because it can speak things that I cannot bring myself to voice. The resulting innerscapes are sometimes silly, sometimes dark, sometimes otherwise.

The Poem's Voice
Poem for Day 047 – 20141109

My voice is mute,
my lungs are weak,
how can I speak
when I cannot vocalize?

My poetry will be the means.
It is the medium of my message,
the sharing of my essence,
and the conveyance of my dreams.

There will be fanciful landscapes
with visions both beautiful and horrific.
With this I hope to reshape
your view of a world deific.

Gods and demons,
saviors and enslavers,
conjoin through the sharing
of my inner vision.

My voice is mute,
my poems are not.
They offer my tribute
to visions I humbly begot.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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