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Poem - Moon in Cancer

Today I am being a little silly, and perhaps sharing too much. This is intended to be rated PG!

Moon in Cancer
Poem for Day 048 – 20141110

I must admit,
I’ve got to confess,
I've got this thing for breasts,
of which I must now express.

Small or large,
it does not matter.
My Moon in Cancer
makes me love those boobers.

The badge of the mother
haunts me to this day.
Oral fixation for the bust?
I've just got that lust.

There is no sight
as lovely as the cleft,
the sight of cleavage,
on display for all to see.

Flash those girls:
Thelma and Louise.
I'll think like sin
for those marvelous twins.

To make me the fool
is quite easy you see.
Show me some boob
and I'll walk into a tree.

It may not be right,
but that Moon holds me ransomed,
sitting so pretty in female Cancer,
to the power of the lovely bosom.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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