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Poem - Sing Me a Song

This is a poem that could be about me, and if it were, it occurred many years ago. It is a cautionary tale of the outcome of heated encounters and their aftermath.

Sing Me a Song
Poem for Day 049 – 20141111

The night was bliss,
proceeded by a day of talking,
and walking through the fields.
Connections were made,
next to the fire,
followed by ourselves unconcealing.

Bodies bared to each other.
Yearnings satisfied in the dark.
She was so many contrary things,
and this is what I needed:
angel and succubus,
pleasure and pain.

We rested spent from the night.
It ended too soon,
the dawn interrupted our conjoining.
I could see her in the light,
revealed in her femininity whole,
she was a beautiful sight.

She sang me a song,
of loss and parting.
It was a country tune,
so sad and melancholy.
It spoke of love found,
it accused of love lost.

The night was bliss.
The morning was harsh.
Truthful statements laid at my feet.
I remember her fondly,
so many years ago,
and the song sang most true.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: love, poem, sex

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