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Poem - The Poet's Urge

The artist, freed of the struggle of creation, moves into a place of wanting to produce more and more visions. There are conventional artists, and then there are the rest of us. We want to reveal a world that many see, but few will admit. The result is the art reminds the viewer of what they already know, even if the knowing is dark indeed.

The Poet's Urge
Poem for Day 050 – 20141112

I have this urge, one I barely control, that comes from below,
a place most abstract: somewhere between the mind and heart.
I want to share, reveal to you, and me,
life as it, as it was and what it could be.

Beware the path revealed, the moods are erratic.
I will guide you to pleasure and pain.
I will show vistas of beauty and stain.
The mark of evil lays near to the glory of goodness.
In between perhaps snare your attention as I share.

I stand before you as poet, visionary and damned.
I will be kind, as kind as I am to myself.
I will be gentle, if I knew what this was.
I only know that I must, compelled by demon and saint,
share with you revelations within,
from purloined voices, yours and mine, wherein.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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