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Poem - I Fell In Love

Some recent thoughts got me thinking about falling in love, also known as being in love. This is not be confused with loving somebody, or even being in lust with somebody.
Being in love creates emotional interactions that are incredibly powerful. This power is two-edged. You will be incredibly blessed and incredibly cursed by the outcomes of being in love. These swings can hinge on a single word or sentence. You will think about the person a lot if you are in love with them. This thinking thing is an early sign of being in love, and one of the most accurate IMO. You really really want to be with the person. There is a desire for intimacy, and this intimacy comes in several forms: physical, proximity, emotional, and intellectual. The longing for intimacy can be constant, like a fog surrounding you. How do you know when you are here? Consider person who is just a close friend. The difference between how you long to be with them, and the person you are in love with, is night and day. In my experience, learned several times over, being in love sneaks up on you. It is not a sudden arrow of love. That’s the being in lust stuff. Being in love can sneak up on you, and will. You’re committed to being in love before you know it. Gads. It is almost not fair! The rest is unpredictable, because timing is not always friendly. That's what this poem is about!

I Fell In Love
Bonus Poem - Day 050 – 20141112

Something magical happened I must say,
I fell in love with you today.
I say today, it seemed quite sudden,
but I know that it has been long in coming.

I did not expect it,
this exposure of the heart.
My soul has been pricked
by Cupid's quick dart.

This is different from loving you.
That came before, but that is shared with many.
Now you are in a special club,
one that has my heart subdued.

Rational thought is not a factor.
My mind was not an accomplice
to this hijacking of the emotions,
resulting in this love commotion.

The timing may be awful.
There may be no path forward.
None of that matters to my heart
because it has gone bye-bye a flutter.

This may not be reciprocated.
I ache with that thought,
but I know deep down, in a quiet place,
that this is all part of life's funny plot.

I may not even tell you of my condition.
To feel like this requires not your permission.
Instead I will just leak sweet love,
while I seek my own contrition.

What shall I do with this love malady?
Can I recover from this bleeding heart?
Probably not soon, but that's OK.
I am human and this is all part of life's comedy.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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